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Dad, In Our Hearts You are the King - Composed by Imelda Roberts

A tribute to all fathers for their support and guidance to their family. From "Honey, do list" to firmly guiding kids to a worthwhile future, this song is a song meant to show appreciation to our father.




YOU ARE OUR HERO - Composed by Imelda Roberts
Aa song composed and produced by Imelda Roberts, is dedicated to men and women who are serving our country to keep us all safe. We honor you for your courage and for fighting for our freedom. You risked your lives in honor of your country, and in the end to give us everlasting peace. For those who are longer with us, we pray for you and your family.

Beloved Mom, Composed and Produced by Imee Roberts
Beloved Mom is a song I composed and produced in honor of my Mom and all mothers in the world. Though it is extremely appropriate for Mother's Day, the song is a great remembrance on the sacrifices mothers make in our lives. Make each day a Beloved Mom's Day. This song is also available in Tagalog version, Inang Mahal. Both versions are now available in over 15 music online stores, including ITunes and Amazon.

This Recession Took Me to Depression by Imee Roberts
A country song I composed partly based on true story about IRS and the recession. All other events are Imee's imagination and dreams of a better future for everyone. It is a song that that I am sure will resonate with millions of people. Pass it on and give smiles and bring hopes to others through this song.