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About IMEE Music & Imagination

Imelda Roberts, creator of IMEE Music & Imagination, is an award-winning writer with an inspirational life. Watch this video to take a glimpse at Imelda's life.

Just like you, I love music. IMEE - Music & Imagination brings you original songs I personally composed and produced. IMEE - Music & Imagination is a strong voice for many issues I care about. I write musical stories based on my own true experiences and social issues important to me. In some cases, the pure joy of simple nature inspires me. In a passionate and in a good way, adversity can also strike a musical chord within my soul. Such is the case for the first ever song I composed and recorded following 9/11. I guess I have a gift of channelling desperate and odd times into positive moments to uplift my own spirit and those of others. I find when I do so, it inspires a work of art and brings out raw but, pure music from within me.

I also write based on stories of others I meet along the way. Behind these stories, some of the characters, scenes, and the melody I create are pure imagination.

IMEE - Music & Imagination is also about the ordinary person with stories just like you and me. The music, songs and animations behind this project are all original. I personally created and/or produced them mainly to express my appreciation of life. It is my hope that through this project, I am able to bring a unique style of music that makes you smile, inspires your spirit, touches your heart, sparks your passion for music, or perhaps even provoke your thoughts about important issues affecting our world.

Though I do not have formal music education or background, I consider myself a songwriter at heart. Though I don't know how to write musical notes, I can can clearly hear melody in my mind. I am also blessed with the gift of writing stories of love, hope, faith and dreams woven from my heart and tanspose their melodies through my imagination. I record the melody of my song using the sound recorder in my computer.

To bring out beauty and give life to my song, I collaborate with artists/musical arrangers in the United States, the Philippines and other countries. One of my songs has been translated in 13 languages. Talented artists/singers who do it for the passion of music partner with me to sing my songs. I write my own animation scripts and the videos are done by skilled animators. It is a true collaboration of spirit despite distance. Perhaps, you may want to join me in this journey and make an impact through IMEE Music & Imagination. Just imagine what we can accomplish together.


Imelda Roberts with Atty. Felipe Gozon, President and CEO of GMA Network, and Ms. Marissa Flores SVP, GMA News and Public Affairs. Imelda was invited as their keynote speaker during GMA's Annual Corporate Event.

First Female Filipino-American to receive the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Recipient of numerous awards in human resources, technology and book publishing.

President & CEO of First Magnitude International; Executive Producer, Imena Azul-Blue Dreams, USA; IMEE Music & Imagination

Published Author:

Barefooted Soul


CD Albums/Songs:

Barefooted Soul - Original Songs by Imelda Roberts

We Saw the Best In You - A Collection of Songs In Honor of Heroes of 9/11


Has composed over 45 songs in English, Filipino and Spanish



Grammy Voting Member - The Recording Academy

Broadcast Music, Inc.

Washington Music Association

Sound Exchange