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IMEE Music & Imagination

Live your dreams the way you vividly imagine!

IMEE Music & Imagination takes music to a different level. It is a journey of an animated character named IMEE with passion for music. She can't read or write musical notes, but her imagination is her instrument to composing beautiful music (at least she hopes). But more than this, she writes musical stories that inspire meaning to day to day life. With her wits in writing songs from her imagination, she takes the creative process to heart. Though she did not take formal music lessons her passion for music shapes her journey into the creative world of music and animation.

With pilot launched on May 3, 2011, IMEE is a creation of Imelda Roberts. Her signature animated video, Beloved Mom, introduces a number of characters who will be showcased in future videos. In June, you will also meet other characters and hear other songs such as Dad, In Our Hearts You are the King, and This Recession Took Us to Depression. Imelda expects to continue this journey of bringing fine music for the heart and soul.


Dad, In Our Hearts You are the King.


Performed by Faith Cuneta.


INANG MAHAL - Also available is the Tagalog version of Beloved Mom. Inang Mahal was also performed by Faith Cuneta.

QUERIDA MAMA - Performed by Lisbeth Melgar. This song is the Spanish version of Imelda Roberts' Beloved Mom.

These songs are now available in various leading online music stores worldwide!